Portals was developed as part of the 2021 ETHGlobal hackathon as a response to Web 2.0 models of Patreon, OnlyFans, and Substack-- using a Web3 stack to allow creators to keep 100% of their subscription revenue and have more flexibility in how their content is presented. Storing media on IPFS means also reducing the risk of losing media if a proprietary platform is shut down.

Unlock Protocol is used to allow creators to manage tiers.

How it's made

"The Portals MVP enables creators to monetize through token-gated access to their content and community.

Creators can upload video or images and it will be stored on IPFS & Filecoin using the Web3.storage api. Creators can decide whether their media is accessible to the public or whether a membership token is required to view the content.

For members-only content, we are using a centralized back-end to manage the encryption/decryption, and we use the Unlock protocol to allow creators to generate up to three membership tiers: for 1 month of access, 1 year of access, or lifetime access.

We currently use a centralized backend to authenticate users with their wallets, store metadata about users such as their usernames & bio as well as for proxy requests to IPFS/Filecoin for media upload via web3.storage"